2020 Religious Education Curriculum

September—Worth & Dignity

September 13th
Water Communion Sunday! We discuss rituals and their place in our everyday lives and we read the story, The Way to Start a Day By: Byrd Baylor.

September 20th
Good Intentions. We discuss intentions and consequences and read the story, Dora’s Box By: Ann-Jeanette Campbell.

September 27th
Greatest common denominator. We discuss commonalities vs. differences and how we perceive “otherness” and we read the story, Last Stop on Market Street By: Matt De La Pena.

October—Emotional Intelligence

October 4th
Emotional Intelligence. We discuss our emotions and their effect on us. We will watch a short clip from the movie Inside Out and read the story, The Pout Pout Fish By: Deborah Diesen.

October 11th
National Coming Out Day! We discuss authenticity and being true to ourselves and we read the story, Heather Has Two Mommies By: Leslea Newman.

October 18th
Guest teacher! Tapestry’s own Suzi Cassidy discusses earthquake preparedness. How to create a plan and what supplies and skills are needed to prepare for an earthquake.

October 25th
Fear. Closing out October we discuss fear and how it may hinder or protect us given in its different manifestations. We read the story, Me and My Fear By: Francesca Sanna





Seven Principles Song

Seven Principles Song, to the tune of Do Re Mi, sung at the beginning of each class

One, each person is important
Two, be kind in all you do
Three, be free to learn together
Four, and search for what is true
Five, each person needs a vote
Six, build a fair and peaceful world
Seven, take care of earth’s lifeboat
And that guides UUs in what we do