2020 Religious Education Curriculum


December 6th
Karma and Kindness. We discuss karma and our actions. We will read Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. By Emily Pearson.

December 13th
The Polar Express Multi-Generational Play

December 20th
Guest Teacher! Jeanette Bunker comes in to teach a drawing class! Have your art supplies ready.

December 27th
Random Acts of Kindness. We discuss opportunities for random acts of kindness in our everyday lives and its impact on ourselves and others

Seven Principles Song

Seven Principles Song, to the tune of Do Re Mi, sung at the beginning of each class

One, each person is important
Two, be kind in all you do
Three, be free to learn together
Four, and search for what is true
Five, each person needs a vote
Six, build a fair and peaceful world
Seven, take care of earth’s lifeboat
And that guides UUs in what we do