Religious Education for Children & Youth

Welcome to our program of religious education for young people. You and your family are invited to join an exciting journey of questioning, searching, challenging and wondering about the meaning of life with all its mysteries, great and small.

Our Religious Education Program provides the opportunity for the deeper meanings of life to be explored and experienced in a safe, loving and fun community. We offer a basis for spiritual development, which augments the religious growth and learning each family is engaged in at home. The goal of our program is to give each young person a firm ground of belief, rooted in our Unitarian Universalist principles, from which they can stretch and grow, question and explore.

Together as a religious community we learn love of one another and ourselves, to search for truth with an open mind, and to work to make the world a better place.

We invite you to participate fully in this journey, this adventure of life.

Tapestry is a cooperative, volunteer-led Religious Education program. Its success depends on the talents and energy of our congregation. We kindly request a donation to help cover the cost of supplies. The suggested donation is $60/child or $85/family.

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Rob Nicholas
Director of Religious Education