Make a Pledge or a Donation

Tapestry provides spiritual nourishment, a caring community, religious education programs for our children, wonderful music, special events, and more. Members and friends can give back to Tapestry through donations and pledges.

Why Pledge?

Each spring, members and friends are asked to estimate the amount of their financial contribution for the upcoming year. This helps us plan a balanced budget.

With your generous financial support, the church is able to provide all the programs and services that we value. Your contribution helps ensure that Unitarian Universalism continues to be a strong presence in our community.

Making and fulfilling a pledge can also be personally rewarding for you. It feels good to support a cause you believe in.

How Much Should I Pledge?

Pledges are confidential and are up to the individual. There is no set expectation, but we are challenged to give generously within our individual means.

Together our pledges make up a major portion of the income of the church. In that sense, we determine our own financial status by our giving.

When deciding how much to give, consider how much you spend a month going out for a nice dinner, or two…or how much it costs to go to a concert or to the theater.

How Will My Pledge Be Used?

Income from pledges is used to fund:


  • Worship services
  • religious education
  • community outreach and
  • other programs


  • Salaries and benefits for our minister
  • religious education director and
  • other staff members

Operational expenses

  • Utilities
  • maintenance
  • office supplies and
  • other overhead

Denominational support

  • Contributions to the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Western Region


  • Money set aside for future major expenses

Annual Budget Process

Jan-Feb: Finance committee estimates how much funding we need to carry out operations for the following year. This becomes the goal of the next stewardship campaign.

Mar-Apr: Stewardship campaign occurs. Members and friends make their pledges.

May: Based on total pledged, a balanced budget is created (the closer to making the campaign goal, the less need to cut back on any programs).

June: Congregational Annual Meeting to approve the final budget.

Please contact Tapestry's VP of Finance with any questions.