Social Action

Women’s Rights Action Group

The Women’s Rights Action Group is a dynamic group of women, men and youths gathered together to apply our Unitarian Universalist principles in support of women and women’s issues. They provide a network of information and partnership opportunities focused on women to actively engage in as individuals or in groups.

Visit our Women's Rights Action Group page for more info.

Green Sanctuary

The Green Sanctuary Program is designed to give roots and wings to the vision that, together, we can create a world in which all people make reverence, gratitude, and care for the living Earth central to our lives. For more information or to get involved contact Carol Semelroth at

Please check the newsletter, and our Green Sanctuary page for upcoming Green Sanctuary events.

Friends of Orange County Detainees

On any given day there are up to 34,000 immigrants in detention facilities across the United States. Up to than 1000 immigrants are being held in detention facilities here in Orange County. Detainees languish for moths, sometimes years, away from family and friends with no visitors, and without access to legal support. We are a community of volunteers that offer regular visits to immigrant detainees in Orange County. We offer listening ears and compassionate hearts in an act of friendship to end isolation, and affirm each person’s human dignity and worth. To learn more about FOCD, donate, or to become a volunteer, please visit the FOCD website.


We also join in various projects with other Unitarian Universalist organizations, e.g., Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry (UULM) and Pacific Southwest District (PSWD), and other organizations involved in social action.

Some of the links to these organizations and others are as follows:
Take Action Now

Act now from home to defend our democracy and help our neighbors in need. Visit our Take Action page.