Coronavirus Support

During this time of crisis we would like to help connect those with needs to volunteers who are able to help. Please consider the opportunities listed below.

We would also like to point out this COVID-19 Resource Guide. In addition to links to national organizations like the CDC it also includes a lot of local Orange County, CA information.

Be sure to notice and click on the tabs at the bottom of the page. These provide access to the info which is grouped by topic. Also, note that when you click on a link a little pop-up window is opened:

Click in that little window (the one with the arrow pointing up and to the right) to go to that link.

Information for employees related to COVID-19 and benefits related to unemployment, sick leave, disability or family leave, quarantined, school closures, or reduced work hours

Anyone who gets Social Security or has no income, or has too little income to have filed taxes the past two years can use either of these sites can use these sites to register for their stimulus check.