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January 29

Here We Go Again

Many of us set expectations for the new year and find the only thing that changed was a number on the calendar. This Sunday we consider what we can do when life feels like it is stuck in a loop. It’s Groundhog Day!

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kent Doss

February 5

Powered by Meaning

Despite suffering for years in Nazi concentration camps, Victor Frankl fought to survive because he came to believe that his suffering had a purpose: to teach others about his experiences. He wrote that he gained the opportunity to exercise inner strength and be ‘brave, dignified, and unselfish.’ This Sunday we look at the importance of staying focussed on the meaning of our own lives as a resource for getting through the struggle.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kent Doss

February 12

London Calling

Unitarian Universalist and five Episcopalians walk into a pub… Intern Minister KC shares her experience on Bexley-Seabury seminary’s “Learning from London” course, and the unexpected faith journey it brought.

Speaker: KC Marie Pandell

February 19

The Web Bounces Back

This Sunday we examine the role of relationship in our own resilience. We will also take a close look at the way various communities have supported each other in the face of profound challenges.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kent Doss

February 26

Adaptation Wins

Often we think of strength and power as the ability to force your own way. Looking at natural history and human behavior we realize that adaptability is the key to resilience. This Sunday we dig into some strategies for staying flexible even while we stay rooted in our deepest values.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kent Doss


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January Theme: Wintering

Author Paul Theroux said "Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." This month we will look at various ways to celebrate winter that allow for reflection and renewal.