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The theme for January is Authority/Leadership.

Abraham Lincoln said "Most anyone can stand adversity, but to test a man's character give him power." The more power a leader is granted, the more the person has a responsibility to serve, develop and empower others. The leader helps his followers to grow and similarly grows himself in the process.

We do not have a creed that serves as the authority for belief and action. Rather, in our liberal tradition, authority draws on experience and is informed by reason. Our authority is further informed by our principles and sources. Authority informs leadership—not power over, but power with. Leadership is both to act and be acted upon, to be formed and moved by, and to suffer with those led.

January 26, 2020

“Faithful Leadership”

A long list of wise people have led Tapestry over the past 30 years. This Sunday we hear from a few of those people as they reflect on how congregational leadership impacted their faith.

Speaker: TBA


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