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Worship services are held each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. For more info on location, etc. please see our Visitor Info page.

September 19

Wisdom of the Heart

Like it or not, we humans are more emotional than we are logical. That doesn’t just apply to those we disagree with. This Sunday we remember the profound influence of our non-reasoning selves, and how to navigate the pull between reason and emotion.

Speaker: Rev. Kent Doss

September 26

An Unexpected Journey

Reason, rationality and a little bit of the unknown can take us places we never imagined. How do we meet the new realities that might bring, and how do we embrace them make them authentically ours? Intern Minister KC shares some of her journey towards the UU faith, and invites us to examine our own life’s journeys, and how reason (and maybe something more) guides us.

Speaker: KC Pandell


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August Theme: Communion

Our theme in worship for August is Communion. The Latin root of communion means “fellowship, mutual participation, or sharing.” The word implies a deep connection, which is the outcome of participating in community in meaningful ways. It is a process of giving and receiving, the work of heart and hands, an invitation to friend and stranger alike. No altar is required, just a welcome table with room for one more, always one more.

September Theme: Reason

Our theme in worship for September is Reason. Whether in science, philosophy, law, and so many other fields in the academy and in the “real” world, reason has been and is a powerful tool in the search for truth and the accumulation of wisdom. Yet, given fake news, alternative facts, falsehoods, conspiracy theories, and deception, reason is under assault from many places.