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The theme for October is Democracy - Our fifth principle commits us to the use of the democratic process in our congregations and society. This is one of the ideals of America, and yet it is under attack. Democracy is messy, but essential. The last 3 years have taught us that democracy is fragile. It requires the right to vote, free speech and assembly, a free press, and, among other things, bipartisanship.

Oct. 20, 2019


Books arguing for atheism or against religion seem to find ready audiences today, which may seem strange considering that conservative churches continue to grow rapidly. How is it that the voice of atheism or skepticism, or secular humanism, the infidel, or the “unbeliever,” or what was once called “freethought,” can still find large audiences today? Tapestry member Bruce Johnson will attempt to provide a few answers.

Speaker: Bruce Johnson

Oct. 27, 2019

Our Fifth Principle

The fifth Principle of our UU Association of Congregations is: "The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large." We believe Democracy is a moral imperative and our fatih calls us to foster democratic ideals in the wider world. This Sunday we take a look at the state of American democracy and how we can enliven it.

Speaker: Rev. Kent Doss


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