2020 Sermons

  • ““King’s Poor People’s Campaign””

    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior is known best for his leadership in the area of Civil Rights. His overall agenda was much broader though. He knew that racial oppression was fundamentally interconnected with poverty and endless war. This Sunday we reflect on the legacy of Dr. King and take a hard look at poverty and homelessness today.

    Rev. Kent Doss
    January 19, 2020

  • “Sources of Our UU Tradition”

    Unitarian Universalism draws from six different sources. This Sunday we will look at the sources that we draw from to better understand how we prioritize the vast information available to us. This worship service is a great introduction to Unitarian Universalism for any newcomers.

    Rev. Kent Doss
    January 12, 2020

  • “Our Shared Ministry”

    This Sunday we consider our responsibility to offer religious leadership to others. Most Tapestry members have invested more in religious life than the general public. Parents are the primary religious educators of their children. And what makes a minister a minister anyway? Each of us has a role to play in nurturing the faith of others.

    Rev. Kent Doss
    January 5, 2020