2020 Sermons

  • "Forgiven"

    Our understanding of forgiveness often focuses on the internal process we go through in order to forgive those who harmed us. Equally important is the experience of being forgiven by others. Gather with us for an interactive service where we explore the powerful gift of being forgiven.

    Gregory C. Carrow-Boyd
    February 23, 2020

  • “The Light of Forgiveness”

    Forgiveness is a powerful force to be wielded with caution. This Sunday we consider some of the strategies of forgiveness in the face of serious injustices and hurt.  

    Rev. Kent Doss
    February 9, 2020

  • “Forgiven For What?”

    Forgiveness involves personal relationships and a much larger theological questions. The Christian tradition that many UUs come out of focuses on sin and redemption. This Sunday we look at forgiveness from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.  

    Rev. Kent Doss
    February 2, 2020