Splinters from the Board

Happy New Year, Fellow Tapestrians!

Here we are with all our hopes, dreams and resolutions, charging forth into 2020.

It will be a momentous year in many regards. The country will be voting in a very important general election in November. California and other states will hopefully be making progress on the growing homelessness crisis. Tapestry will be celebrating the one year anniversary of our new building, and, more notably, developing the focus of our future work in the community.

2020 also holds another meaning if you’ve ever had an eye examination. When the doctor tells you that your vision is 2020, you’re pretty happy because you know that your eyesight is “normal”. 20/20 isn’t perfect, 20/15 is better, but 20/20 will do just fine for most of us. With 2020 vision, you can drive, read, work, enjoy your favorite hobbies, and generally function in life.

2020 vision in a larger sense also implies that one has a clear perception of what is going on around them in the world. There is much to despair about from the images: children separated from their families; attacks on the rights of women, LGBTQ individuals and people of color; homelessness; environmental destruction – the list unfortunately is almost infinite.

When thinking about these issues, there is often the feeling of “I have to do something!” Tapestry members and friends have answered this call is many ways: working for Planned Parenthood, canvassing in elections, tutoring children and adults in language skills, and creating one of Tapestry’s most lasting legacies, Friends of Orange County Detainees. Others have contributed generously of time and money to local, national and international organizations that advocate for equality and the environment.

If you are at the “I have to do something” stage but haven’t yet found your focus, there is an opportunity in February to learn about advocating for the homeless. On February 20, there will be a kickoff meeting for Tapestry’s new “Welcoming Neighbors Home” initiative. There are many levels of involvement from simply informing yourself, to attending and speaking at City Council meetings, to directly serving those in need. It will be a chance to learn about homelessness, and the myriad ways which the less fortunate among us can be helped.

For many people, answering the “I have to do something” call is less about taking specific individual action, and more about financial support. Many of us donate to a variety of organizations whose missions we admire, including Tapestry. For all those who are so generous, there is one group that gives primarily to ensure Tapestry’s future: Tapestry’s Legacy givers. These are people who remember Tapestry in their wills or trusts, so their commitment to Tapestry, and its good works, carries on after they are gone.

We have received generous legacy gifts in the past and hope to be remembered by Tapestry members and friends in the future. There are many ways to structure this giving, and information will be provided in the next few weeks for those of you who would like to participate in this special way of supporting Tapestry.

In a time when so much good needs to be done in our world, it’s very hopeful to be part of a congregation that is deeply engaged in positive works. Whether your individual engagement is being on the front lines of a cause, or supporting those who are, you are needed and appreciated.

As you and yours move into 2020, may you find peace, love, and the satisfaction of helping those who may be struggling.

Warmest regards,
Julia Rampone


Julia Rampone, President