President’s Perspectives

From time to time. Board Members will share this page with their personal comments. July’s writer is Tapestry President Julia Rampone

Hello Fellow Tapestrians,

Happy New Year! We are now officially in Fiscal Year 2018-2019. For all of you who attended the Annual Meeting on June 10, we heard some very exciting things about what Tapestry accomplished over the last year, and what we expect to be happening in the coming year.

One of the recurring themes, from the operating budget to the capital campaign, is the need for funds to continue our good works. We have an aggressive, but achievable, stewardship goal for 2018-2019 that will allow us to pay our excellent staff and fund our committee work. And we are very, very close to securing the last bit of funding needed to complete construction and move into our new building later this year.

So many of you have been so incredibly generous with your support and it is appreciated more than you can imagine. But contributing to Tapestry doesn’t always mean writing a check. There may be 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (cue the music) but there are at least 17 Ways to Donate to Tapestry, several of which don’t cost you anything:

You can make direct contributions to Tapestry through:

  • Pledges, including one extra month for this fiscal year
  • Service Auctions — either hosting an event or purchasing items
  • Attending Ways and Means events, the more the better
  • Contributing to the plate collection on Sundays
  • Making a one-time gift for a specific purpose

There are ways that Tapestry can benefit from what you do as part of your normal routine. These include:

  • Purchasing Gift Cards/$crip for stores and services you already use – Tapestry makes an average of 5% on every card you buy, and $crip sales can add thousands to our income
  • Shopping through AmazonSmile — 0.5% of nearly everything you buy is eligible, and Tapestry has already received over $900 from your purchases
  • Getting matching donations from your employer (If you’re not sure your employer offers this, check with your HR department)

You can take part in special promotions that result in income to Tapestry. These include:

  • Referrals (Solar City, etc.)
  • Designating a portion or all of your eBay sales revenue
  • Rebates for group travel

You can encourage your friends and neighbors to visit Tapestry. This might result in:

  • Additional pledges
  • Rental of Tapestry space
  • Support of Tapestry programs (WRAG, FOCD)

You can remember Tapestry in your Estate Planning. This could include:

  • Bequests, either through your will or trust
  • Retirement plan or life insurance gifts

And when you’re ready to unclutter your life, you can provide funds to Tapestry with:

  • In-kind donations (cars, boats, real estate, antiques, etc.)

You may even have some good ideas that haven’t been mentioned. Thank you all for everything you do to support Tapestry. Your attendance, committee work, contributions and support are what gives life to our spiritual home.

Julia Rampone
President, Board of Trustees

Julia Rampone, President