President’s Perspectives

From time to time. Board Members will share this page with their personal comments. January’s writer is Dave Weber, Treasurer

Julia Rampone, President

Change is everywhere. First, it’s a new year, 2018 (can you believe it!), a clean slate filled with possibilities and hopes and dreams. Second, we find ourselves in a new venue for the first time in seven years. It’s not quite OUR space, and we may find it a bit confusing to navigate at first. But the people of St. George’s have opened their church and their hearts to us as neighbors and we hope to get to know them better as we camp out in their space for the next few months.

And third on the list of changes, we are preparing the Birtcher property to become our new home. After decades of meeting in rental spaces and ten years of collecting funds through capital campaigns, we officially own a building! Hooray!

Thanks go out to so many of our committed members who have given their time and resources to make our move to our own home a reality. I’m thinking of folks like John Eckhardt, Lynn Cowan, and Julia Rampone who’ve help negotiate the purchase, and of the many donors who’ve given money to the Capital Campaign and made loans toward the purchase and upgrading of the new facility. Then there’s Richard Boote to thank, the fellow who orchestrated our move to St. George’s along with the many folks who helped box and move our possessions to the new space and into storage. And of course, all of this would not have been possible without the steady spiritual guidance and encouragement of Rev. Kent. It’s been a true labor of love showing the deep generosity and compassion of our congregation. What a gift it is to be a part of Tapestry!

Of course, while change is exciting, it can also be stressful, and there are always a few hitches and setbacks along the way. Hopefully, we will take a few deep breaths when things don’t go quite according to plan and be understanding of and compassionate toward one another. So bring it on, 2018! Tapestry is on the move and we have great adventures ahead of us.

David Weber
Tapestry Treasurer

David Weber, Treasurer