Message from the Minister

This month I want to lift up three lesser-known committees: Aesthetics, Building and Grounds, and Committee on Shared Ministry. Though you probably haven’t heard much about them, each of these groups does very important work for Tapestry. Each of them is defined in detail in Tapestry’s bylaws.

The purpose of the Aesthetics Committee is to assure that any permanent or semi- permanent change that affects the visual aspect of Tapestry is attractive and in line with our values. The committee consists of three Tapestry members who are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The current members of the committee are Linda Yeargin, Marsha Medina, and Jeff Gothard. This committee should be consulted before furniture, floor coverings, wall decorations, paint, or any other aesthetic changes are made.

While the Aesthetics Committee is responsible for tending to the visual appearance, the Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for implementing any changes. The purpose of the Building and Grounds Committee is to attend to the upkeep and improvement of Tapestry’s building and grounds. Responsibilities include: performing minor repairs when possible, collecting bids from outside professionals when necessary, and supervising janitorial staff. The committee consists of three Tapestry members appointed by the Board of Trustees. Members of the committee serve a two-year term and may be re-appointed. Currently the co-chairs of the committee are Richard Boote and Suzy Cassidy. If you are interested in helping out on this committee, please let Richard Boote know.

We have not set a date yet, but keep an eye out for a Spring Cleaning Day at Tapestry. Our building is in need of some TLC in the cleaning department and many hands make light work. We will be calling on you ALL soon to chip in for one day of deep cleaning our spiritual home.

The third committee I wanted to mention has nothing to do with the building. The Committee On the Shared Ministry works with and acts as liaison between, the congregation and the Minister. There are a few purposes to this role. They enhance open communication, attend to the sharing of ministry at Tapestry, and monitoring congregational health. The committee mostly serves as a place for me to talk through ideas and observations with wise and trusted Tapestry members. Occasionally the committee surveys the congregation or conducts other assessments. Because the committee discusses sensitive topics of congregational health, the contents of meetings are confidential.

The committee is made up of four members, serving two-year staggered terms, selected by the Board of Trustees and Minister. Current members of the committee are Jane Steven, Carl Web, Lynn Cowan, and Keith Wortman.

At Tapestry we always encourage direct communication. However, if you are having a conflict or question that you don’t feel like you can approach me about, the Committee on Shared Ministry is the place to turn.

Rev. Kent


Minister's Reading Group

“Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted” by Suleika Jaouad

November, 2022

A searing, deeply moving memoir of illness and recovery that traces one young woman’s journey from diagnosis to remission to re-entry into “normal” life. Between Two Kingdoms is a profound chronicle of survivorship and a fierce, tender, and inspiring exploration of what it means to begin again.

For more information or to sign up, please contact Rev. Kent at .

Silence in the Age of Noise