2021 Sermons

  • “The Chalice of Our Being”

    The Civil Rights March in Selma, Alabama in March of 1965 has gone down in history as a turning point for racial justice. Two Unitarian Universalists were killed in two separate attacks by members of the Ku Klux Klan, and lost their lives in Selma. Rev. Reeb and Viola Liuzzo’s actions continue to speak to those who work to dismantle racism and oppression. PLease watch and share...Rev. Rayna Hamre “Paying Our Respects, Remembering James Reeb and Viola Liuzzo”

    Rev. Rayna Hamre
    March 28, 2021

  • “We Are Whole”

    While a thousand different voices tell us we are not enough, this Sunday we celebrate our wholeness. We may not be perfect, but we are most certainly enough.

    Rev. Kent Doss
    March 21, 2021

  • “The Chalice of Our Being”

    Dag Hammarskjold wrote: "Each Morning we must hold out the chalice of our being to receive, to carry, and give back." This Sunday we faithfully consider the gifts we have received and how we, in turn, share them with the world.

    Rev. Kent Doss
    March 14, 2021

  • “A Legacy of Respect”

    We UUs have a reputation for welcoming a diversity of ideas. This Sunday we learn about some of the history of religious tolerance, acceptance, and respect within our liberal tradition, and consider where we might go from here.

    Rev. Kent Doss
    March 7, 2021