Upcoming Services

singing bowl
In order to create a meditative and reflective mood, please enter the sanctuary in silence if the prelude music has begun.

The Theme for November is Faith


October 29— 10:30 am

“A Table of Remembrance”

In many cultures remembering the dead is done through cooking symbolic offerings of food or sharing a meal at the gravesite. This Sunday nearest Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, and All Saints Day, we remember our loved ones who have gone before. How can we make room at our table in our hearts to nourish the memory of their lives?

Rev. Kent Doss

WA – Nikki Rinderer

November 5— 10:30 am

“Let Go and Fly”

Clinging too tightly to the safety we know prevents us from grabbing ahold of life. This Sunday we celebrate the courage of letting go and embracing change, as individuals, as families, and as a religious community.

Rev. Kent Doss

WA = Nicola Stupka

 November 12— 10:30 am 

“You Gotta Have Faith”

“Faith” is a difficult word for many Unitarian Universalists. We all believe in things we cannot see, mostly because someone else told us they are true. This Sunday we will hear some of the UU frameworks for faith, and consider the boundaries of what we accept as truth in our own lives. Rev. Kent Doss

WA = Sheryl Hagen

November 19— 10:30 am 

John Bloom-Ramirez

WA = Dave Weber 

November 26 — 10:30 am

“Question Box Sermon”

Bring your questions about Tapestry, Unitarian Universalism, and life in general. The sermon this Sunday will be a response to questions collected from those attending worship. Rev. Kent does not presume to know all the answers, but he will join you honestly in the question.

Rev. Kent Doss

WA = Susan Jagielko