Upcoming Services

singing bowl
In order to create a meditative and reflective mood, please enter the sanctuary in silence if the prelude music has begun.

February 26— 10:30 am

“Respecting the Border”

District Assembly 2017 will be held at the Arizona / Mexico border. Participants will have an opportunity learn first hand about immigration justice and border issues. In preparation for District Assembly, this Sunday we will consider what it means to respect the complicated landscape of the border and the people who live there.

Rev. Kent Doss

The theme for March is Balance

March  5— 10:30 am

Syphrosony and the Scales of Justice”

Syphrosony is the ancient Greek concept of personal fulfillment through temperance, moderation, and prudence. This Sunday we consider our desire for personal balance as we confront injustice in the world around us.

Rev. Kent Doss

Worship Associate: Nicola Stupka

 March  12— 10:30 am

“What The Bleep Do We Do Now?”  

A look at the reality of our congregational life in light the profound changes in our national landscape.  How can we welcome the new visitors, anxious for community? What is the hopeful message we can speak in anxious times?

Arvid Straube

Worship Associate: Greg Cline

 March  19— 10:30 am

“Day Language/Night Language”

Our Unitarian Universalist tradition embraces scientific discovery, ancient religious traditions, and personal experience of the transcendent as sources of truth. Perhaps our greatest balancing act as a religious tradition is ability to incorporate fundamentally different types of truth, all of which point to a deeper understanding of our world.

Rev. Kent Doss

Worship Associate: Nikki Rinderer

 March  26— 10:30 am

“A Home for All”

This Sunday is the climax of Tapestry’s annual Stewardship Campaign. As members and friends make their annual financial commitment to Tapestry, we will celebrate our mission to build a spiritual home that welcomes all people.
Rev. Kent Doss

Worship Associate: Cherish Jones