Upcoming Services

singing bowl
In order to create a meditative and reflective mood, please enter the sanctuary in silence if the prelude music has begun.

The theme for February 2017 is Respect

Note: all services beginning Jan 1 are at 10:30 am

January 29— 10:30 am

“The Virtue of Courage”

According to Greek philosophers courage is one of the cardinal virtues. This Sunday we consider the value of moral and physical courage. What risks are you .

Rev. Kent Doss

February 5— 10:30 am

Respecting Difference”

We believe that human diversity is a powerful force for creating good in our world. This Sunday we will talk about respecting difference, even when we don’t know exactly how to respond.

Rev. Kent Doss

February 12— 10:30 am

Perspectives on Relationships”

This Sunday Tapestry members from varied backgrounds will share what they have learned from their own experience of love and relationships.

February 19— 10:30 am

“Earning Respect”.

Some say respect must be earned; others others say everyone deserves it. This Sunday we consider the powerful role of mutual respect, and the special respect held for those we admire.

Rev. Kent Doss

February 26— 10:30 am

“Respecting the Border”

District Assembly 2017 will be held at the Arizona / Mexico border. Participants will have an opportunity learn first hand about immigration justice and border issues. In preparation for District Assembly, this Sunday we will consider what it means to respect the complicated landscape of the border and the people who live there.

Rev. Kent Doss