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In order to create a meditative and reflective mood, please enter the sanctuary in silence if the prelude music has begun.

The Theme for October is Hospitality

October 1— 10:30 am

“Hospitality in the Wilderness”

When the natural elements challenge human survival, caring for neighbors becomes a basic rule. Our lives may be safe from the challenges of nature, but plenty of other dangers lurk in the suburbs. How are we called to protect our neighbors from the real dangers of loneliness and fear?

Rev. Kent Doss

WA – Nicola Stupka

October 8— 10:30 am

“Hospitality is …”, A “This I Believe”

This Sunday three Tapestry members will talk about what hospitality means to them. They will talk about times they have felt welcome and cared for, and times when they could have used a little more support.

WA – Greg Cline

October 15— 10:30 am

“Visitors, All”

There is an art to being a good guest. You don’t ask for more than you need. You allow your host to share their gifts of story, laughter and hospitality. You cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the grace you are given. How might we act if we consider ourselves guests of the planet and guests in the lives of friends and family?

Rev. Kent Doss

WA – Greg Cline

 October 22 — 10:30 am

 Rabbi Noah Zvi Farkas

WA – Cherish Jones

October 29— 10:30 am

“A Table of Remembrance”

In many cultures remembering the dead is done through cooking symbolic offerings of food or sharing a meal at the gravesite. This Sunday nearest Samhain, Dia De Los Muertos, and All Saints Day, we remember our loved ones who have gone before. How can we make room at our table in our hearts to nourish the memory of their lives?

Rev. Kent Doss

WA – Nikki Rinderer