Upcoming Services

singing bowl
In order to create a meditative and reflective mood, please enter the sanctuary in silence if the prelude music has begun.


Note: beginning December 31st, we will be meeting at St. George’s Episcopal Church located at 23802 Avenida de la Carlota, Laguna Hills,  CA 92653

December 31- 11:30 

“Hope Changes”

Hope is a deep desire for the best possible outcome, after accepting the real circumstances. As circumstances change in life, so does hope. That flexibility of hope is not a weakness of naivete. The flexibility of hope is the source of resilience and growth in our lives.

Rev. Kent Doss

WA -Sheryl Hagen

The theme for January is Justice”.

Note: beginning December 31st, we will be meeting at St. George’s Episcopal Church located at 23802 Avenida de la Carlota, Laguna Hills,  CA 92653


JANUARY 7 — 11:30 am
“Whose Law?”

The law of government has been used to liberate and oppress residents of every nation. Religious “law” has done the same. This Sunday we consider the role of law and faith in the struggle to build beloved community..

Rev. Kent Doss

WA = Connie Pursell

January 14 — 11:30 am

“MLK: A Legacy and a Challenge”

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most influential figures in the history of the United States. As we celebrate his legacy and how far we have come, we will also reach for the beloved community that we have yet to fully realize.
Rev. Kent Doss

WA = Greg Cline

January 21– 11:30 am

“A Unitarian Universalist Crossing”

Unitarian Universalism is not a Christian denomination, but there are individual Christian UUs and we come out of a Christian history. This Sunday, we will reflect on our historical connection to and growth away from Christianity. We will also consider how we embrace our Christian UUs, and respect our religious neighbors.

Rev. Kent Doss:

WA = Nikki Rinderer

January 28 — 11:30 am

Tapestry Members: “My Passion, My Action”

Three Tapestry members will describe the particular justice issue they are passionate about. They will also tell us what motivates them to act, and how each of us can participate in building the world we dream about.

Open Pulpit:  Tapestry Members

WA = Nikki Rinderer