Ministerial Musings

The Rev. Kent Doss, minister of Tapestry, a Unitarian Universalist CongregationRev. Kent Doss

Summer is here, but Tapestry keeps going strong. Like a lot of Unitarian congregations, Tapestry ran a skeleton program during the summer for many years. The minister usually took the whole summer for vacation and study and the religious education was greatly reduced. When I first came to Tapestry almost four years ago, we decided to go to year-round church. All of the programs you enjoy during the year continue on their normal schedule. Because of vacations our attendance drops a little. That’s okay, because we know you are out there having an amazing time in the world.

Whether you are headed to Alaska, the Deep South, or some foreign land I hope something stirs your heart and soul. If you are staying closer to home, I hope you enjoy some relaxation in this little paradise that we are lucky to call home. Whatever you are up to this summer, know that you carry the blessing of the Tapestry community with you. And please come back and share with us the wisdom and joy you found in your time away.



Rev. Kent


Laguna Beach Partnership


Several months ago Tapestry entered into a partnership with the UU Fellowship of Laguna Beach. Our goal is to collaborate on worship and to broaden the impact of Unitarian Universalism in South Orange County. As we explored several different possibilities for working together, we quickly gravitated toward the idea of connecting our worship services through technology.

It took a while, but we are now worshipping together two Sunday each month. So far we have had two mostly successful shared worship services. There are still several bugs to work out, but we are very happy with the success so far.

Volunteers at both congregations have put in countless hours to make the technology work. Dave Salahi and Dave Kinnear have been particularly generous with their time and knowledge. Also our new staff person, Nathan Schneekluth is proving to be an awesome AV technician.

As we continue to improve the shared worship experience, we are also moving forward with other collaborations. Our Laguna Woods discussion groups are scheduled to meet together soon. And we are working on ways to coordinate our justice efforts.



Rev. Kent