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June 2021 Annual Meeting

Each Tapestry member wishing to vote at the 6/13/21 annual meeting must be logged into a separate session in Zoom. If there are multiple members in your household and you each want your own vote be sure to join from a separate device for each voting member.

Tapestry Annual Meeting Minutes, June 2021
2021 Annual Meeting Agenda
2021 Committee Annual Reports
Tapestry Annual Meeting Minutes, June 2020

Board Meetings

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As leaders of the Tapestry, A Unitarian Universalist Congregation, we covenant to put purpose before personality and politics. We are here to support each other’s religious quest, thus we will honor one another’s dignity and listen and disagree with respect. We will strive to be open-minded, provide one another opportunities to be heard, and trust one another enough to be honest. We will take ourselves less seriously and our jobs more seriously, focusing on issues, not people, and accepting constructive feedback gracefully. In this way, we serve our own spiritual development, one another, our religious home, our larger faith, and our world.

Covenant of Right Relations
Conflict Resolution Policy
Conflict Resolution Process

The members of the Right Relations team are Celia Young, Keith Tuominen, and Richard Lappin. You can contact them using the form below.