President’s Perspectives

I’ve found that when progress is very slow, it is difficult to maintain momentum, and sometimes even sustain interest much less enthusiasm.  In many areas, it looks like 2017 will be a year of great excitement, but slow progress.  Here at Tapestry, we are on the verge of signing a purchase agreement for the building at 23676 Birtcher with favorable terms that will minimize the number of months where we pay both rent and a mortgage.  Earlier this month the weekly update asked if there were other Tapestrians interested in investing in the building.  Your response continues to be gratifying.   Several people contacted me, and we are well on our way to replacing the seller financing.  This means that the majority of the mortgage will be at a much more favorable interest rate, and we are close to achieving our goal of reducing our monthly facility cost to below what we currently pay in rent.  This is nothing short of amazing and will establish a firm foundation for Tapestry’s future.

And speaking of the future, this is my last term as President of the Board of Trustees.  I will continue to be involved in the purchase and build out for our new home and see that through.  The Nominating Committee has already begun looking to fill upcoming vacancies.  Serving Tapestry has been an opportunity to work closely with our incredible staff and volunteer leadership and make great things happen.  Please consider how you might be able to contribute, shift, or expand your involvement at Tapestry to continue our good work.

Lynn Cowan


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