President’s Perspectives


For those of you who saw my recent update on the all@tapestry mailing list, we are ever so close to signing the purchase agreement on 23676 Birtcher in Lake Forest.  Going in, we knew this would be a complicated and slow process, and so it is.  But I have faith that it will all work out if we are persistent.  After we open escrow there will be about four months of inspections, building plans, and permit processing, then a few months of construction, and that’s after the tenant finds a new space.  Along the way there will be many exciting decisions:  What size offices, sanctuary, kitchen, and classrooms?  What must we improve now to satisfy code updates and conserve our funds and what can we defer?  While we need to be frugal to start, we want to build the infrastructure for a warm, welcoming, spiritually inspiring, and green space that is also functional and flexible that will serve us and the larger community for decades to come.  We will soon be forming a task force with representatives from key areas to help with those decisions.

March is the month when we hold our annual stewardship drive where you commit to provide funds for Tapestry’s operating expenses that make possible our excellent staff and that pays the rent for the next year.  The congregation responded well to last year’s short and powerful campaign, so look for information over the next few weeks for how you can participate in this year’s “A Home for All” campaign.  When we renewed our lease for just one year, our rent payments spiked 18%, so your contributions to the operating budget are especially important in this transition year before we move to the new building.

It’s been wonderful to see so many new, future friends in the congregation on Sundays.  Please take a moment to greet someone new to you in our spiritual community.  As we grow it gets more difficult to check in with everyone on a Sunday or do more than just say hello.  To provide opportunities for deeper connections, many congregations use small groups as a way for people to get to know one another better.  Tapestrians already participate in some special interest groups such as the travel group, handcrafters, the book groups, and others that are listed on the website.   In the next few months we will be holding focus group meetings to find out what other kinds of groups you would participate in.  For example, would you join a covenant group that meets regularly to discuss spiritual questions?  What about a group that meets a few times to work on a specific social action project?  Or a social group that gets together to play Bunco or Settlers of Catan?  Please think about what kind of groups you would join and look for sign ups to participate.   It promises to be a very busy spring at Tapestry.

In peace,

Lynn Cowan   


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