President’s Perspectives

Julia Rampone, President

The Board members will be sharing the load by writing this column. November’s Board member is Kara Corbin-Lickfitt, Board Secretary

As we head into the end of the year holiday season, I am reflecting on experiences we have had as a family that have shaped our year.  Trips to see family, picnics at the Beach, summer symphony concerts, and game nights with friends.  Last month we made the trip to Camp De Benneville Pines, the Pacific Southwest District mountain retreat.   Many of you were there along with UUs from our neighbor congregations at Orange Coast and Laguna Beach.  Going to De Benneville has become a fall tradition for our family and each year my kids have a different experience in the mountains.  There is always a “no electronics” rule while we are up there, which at first elicits accusations of child torture, but then once we are there, they seem to forget they own a tablet or computer.  This year was the first year I was comfortable letting the kids explore the camp by themselves for short periods at time and felt they did not require constant supervision.  These moments to let them feel empowered and give myself a small break were very rejuvenating.   Those of you I saw up there with kids younger than mine – it gets better.  It was also great to see the kids excited about being outside in nature.  We are surrounded by natural beauty every day, but walking in the mountainous forest was a great way to unplug and truly appreciate what we are thankful for.

I truly believe after the way I feel after one of these De Benneville weekends that it is essential that we find time to “unplug.”  For me, I feel like I get “reset” and am calmer to tackle my daily grind of work and parenting.  I encourage all of you during this busy holiday season to come, to try to find a time to unplug – either at home or away, whichever way works better for you.

Have a wonderful Fall.