President’s Perspectives

Julia Rampone, President

The Board members will be sharing the load by writing this column.

Our Tapestry Community

Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple, Open the Doors and See all the People.  Many of you will remember playing this children’s rhyme/finger play game where the children open their hands to see inside the wriggling “people fingers.”  It is what inside that counts just as The British TV comedy, The Mighty Boosh, sings it:

It’s what’s inside that counts
My friend
It’s not the peel it’s the orange

It’s not the crust it’s the filling

It’s not the jacket it’s the ‘tater
It’s what’s inside that counts
My friend
It’s the moon not the craters
It’s what’s inside that counts
My friend

In the near future as we reach our long time goal of moving to our very own building of worship, there won’t be a steeple or a spiraling cathedral, but what it will be is Our Very Own Tapestry Home of Worship.  What is exciting also, is that when you look inside our building, just like in the Children’s rhyme, you will find the people, Our Wonderful Tapestry Community of People.  What makes those people so significant is because just as it says on our UUA website, “We are people of all agespeople of many backgrounds, and people of many beliefs. We are brave, curious and compassionate thinkers and doers. We create spirituality and community beyond boundaries, working for more justice and more love in our own lives and in the world.”

Tapestry is fortunate to have our minister, Reverend Kent Doss, who provides us with spiritual guidance, wonderful sermons, and excellent pastoral care, and his ministerial leadership is vital to a successful Tapestry congregation.  These are all wonderful things that our minister does for us, but what about you?  Will you help us to strengthen our Tapestry Community?  Are you building friendships by volunteering on a committee or joining a discussion or interest group?  By becoming involved, you will not only fortify our Tapestry community, but many of our members will tell you that these friendships we have made by working on a project or volunteering for a cause together have immeasurably enriched our lives.

Have you picked up at our Welcome Desk one of our Tapestry Committee and Interest Books which describes all of our committees and interest groups?  What about joining our Caring Committee which is always looking for people to reach out and provide some type of assistance to our Tapestry congregation?  Or our newly formed Women’s Action Group, whose members advocate for Planned Parenthood and assist at several homeless shelters, or our Ways & Means Committee, which through fund raising events provides important dollars for our operating budget.  If you are a newer member, join an interest group like one of our three different book discussions groups,  Moms Facing Moms, or the Handcrafters, because participating in these smaller groups is a great way to become better acquainted with others in our congregation and to develop some long lasting friendships.

If you need help in deciding which group might be best for you, Barbara Bradley, is our Volunteer Coordinator and can help you find just the right group which we believe can start you on a road to a rewarding experience in our Tapestry Community.

Carol Semelroth