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Join other Tapestrians for a camping trip at Casper’s Wilderness Park! RSVP as soon as possible to dre@tapestryuu.org or 949-581-0245. (If you would like to coordinate a meal or two, a hike, a game for the kids or a trip to the nature center, please let us know.)


Special Membership Meeting Update

On April 3, the congregation met to vote on whether to purchase a building. Here’s an update from President Lynn Cowan on that meeting.

Thank you, Tapestry! We had a sanctuary full of members who enthusiastically voted to support the Board of Trustees’ efforts to purchase a permanent home for us. Here’s what you approved:

  • MOTION: I move that we support the Board of Trustees in its research to purchase a new, permanent home for Tapestry.
  • MOTION: I move that the Tapestry Board of Trustees make a deposit to open escrow on our first priority building.
  • MOTION: I move that we authorize a capital campaign [in three overlapping phases] to raise the down payment, move-in expenses, and architectural improvements for a building for a permanent home for Tapestry.
  • MOTION: I move that the congregation approves the receipt of a UUA building loan, or similar loan from another lender for the purchase of a building for Tapestry’s new home.

These votes get us started. There’s still a long road ahead to obtaining a mortgage from a lender and raising the funds we need short- and long-term. In the next several weeks, we’ll be learning a lot more about what’s possible and we’ll keep you informed. When things work out and we have a clear way forward, we’ll have another congregational meeting where members will vote to purchase a specific building and assume specific amounts for a mortgage and ongoing operating expenses.

Next steps are to launch the first phase of the capital campaign for the down payment to build lenders’ confidence in our financial commitment.

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Our Vision

To be a transformational home for liberal spirituality and a dynamic community leader in South Orange County and beyond.

Like most Unitarian Universalist congregations, Tapestry is a spiritually diverse community. Our members identify themselves as Jewish, humanist, Taoist, Christian, pagan, atheist, monotheist, and “none of the above.” In general, though, we believe that there is no single religious truth and that life is a spiritual journey best experienced with others.

Tapestry is a liberal religious congregation that welcomes and affirms a diversity of religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, culture and physical ability among our members and visitors. We are committed to being a safe spiritual haven for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (GLBTQ) individuals. We encourage spiritual growth through free religious thought, foster an atmosphere of acceptance, love and respect, and support commitment to service in the wider world.

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